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Product introduction

      KYN28-12 steel-clad mid-set metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the switchgear) is a new product series independently designed and developed by Huayi Electrical Group based on advanced international manufacturing technologies. It could be used to replace various old metal enclosed switchgears, such as KYN1-10, JYN2-10 and GFC-10. Its product should have the following apparent advantages:

      1.1 Housing of the product is assembled by bolting aluminum-zinc steel plate after being processed and folded by CNC machine tool. It has high mechanical strength which effectively guarantees neatness and beauty of the product. The door is coated with plastics, thus it provides high impact and corrosion resistance. The protection level of the product housing is IP4X.

      1.2 The product might be equipped with VD4 vacuum circuit breakers and C3 series fixed load switches of ABB and zN73 (VH1) vacuum circuit breakers independently developed by Huayi Group or various domestic vacuum circuit breakers (e.g. VS1, VK and ZN21) to replace similar foreign product. 

      1.3 Regardless of breaker type, the air insulation distance of its bare conductor could be guaranteed of larger than 125mm and the compound insulation could be larger than 60mm. Its breakers have unique advantages of long service life, high reliability, little maintenance, small volume, etc.

      KYN28-12 steel-clad mid-set metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable to be used for 3.6-12kV three-phase AC 501-1z power grid for acceptance and distribution of power to control, monitor and protect the circuit. It could be used for single busbar system, single busbar segmented system or double-busbar system. 

Normal using environment:              

1. Surrounding air temperature: upper limit +40°C; lower limit -10°C;

2. Relative humidity: daily mean ≤95%, monthly mean≤90%;

3. Altitude: no higher than 1,000m;

4. Seismic intensity: no more than magnitude 8°;

5. Places without fire disaster, explosion risk, heavy pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

Note: The user should negotiate with the manufacturer for allowable range and technical measure when using condition is beyond the above range.


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