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Vow of Xianglong people

I am a worker of Xianglong. I will always adhere to the spirit of "tenaciously striving to succeed, cooperating with absolute sincerity and creating future together", carry forward the work style of "quick response and immediate action", obey the Company's management system, maintain the Company's image, keep the Company's secrete and purse the excellence conscientiously. I will never stop striving and developing together with Xianglong!

Employment philosophy

Outlook on talents 

Regard talent resource as the first resource and uphold the tenet of "respecting human value, developing human potential and sublimating human spirit" so as to build Xianglong Electric to an inclusive enterprise and help our employees realize their dreams in Xianglong. Cultivate and form a talent team that wins the market leadership, creates the organizational advantages, leads the value guidance and has the sense of mission and responsibility so as to achievesustainable development. That is the objective of Xianglong in talent outlook.  

Guiding ideology

Respect human value and regard everyone as a talent. Everyone that recognizes Xianglong's ideology, has occupational spirit and professional quality and possesses the ability to create performance is a member of Xianglong and can be the talent of Xianglong. Xianglong advocates the common development of enterprise value and employee value. As the enterprise develops, the employees can also obtain the remuneration and post suitable for their efforts to realize the value recognition. Make sure that the employees can lead to Xianglong's brand effects due to their work experience in Xianglong and obtain higher market value.

Develop human potential

Xianglong puts the talent development at a strategic level and provides employees with opportunities to learn, work and challenge themselves continuously. This reflects the greatest respect for human and the best regards for employees. 

Xianglong strives to optimize the mechanism to select, cultivate, employ and retain the talents and emphasizes the employment by performance, the selection by scientific evaluation and the development by all-round and multi-level principle to fully tap the human potential and make the best use of talents. Sublimate the human spirit and follow the operation principle of "people first, growth driven by population, respect of humanistic spirit and improvement of people's lives". All business activities of Xianglong are launched for people to live better. This is the significance for Xianglong employees to work, live and grow and is also their higher spiritual pursuit. 

Xianglong creates an atmosphere to inspire progress and promote growth by culture training, value building, incentive mechanism, work experience, etc. to motivate employees' entrepreneur spirit, responsibility and mission and lead employees to explore the meaning of work and life in order to realize the higher spiritual  sublimation and the pursuit beyond personal interests. 

Talent management

As per the development demand of strategy and organization, the talent management can establish differentiated systems for various talent groups by focusing on the construction of Xianglong talent team and then form the closed-loop management for talent standard, planning, selection, cultivation, employment and retention. 

By developing employee value evaluation, post competence evaluation, etc., Xianglong continuously optimizes the matching degree between human and post, human and team and human and organization, completes the structure and level of talent team and keeps the enthusiasm and energy of the team.


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