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Product introduction

      GCK low voltage drawer type switchgear is suitable for AC 50Hz power system of 660V of maximum working voltage and 3,150A of maximum working current for power station, transformer substation, industrial and mining enterprises for power transformation and control of power distribution equipment. 

      The product has high breaking capacity. It has advantages such as good dynamic stability, advanced and reasonable structure, practical electrical scheme, high seriation and versatility, free combination of various schemes, many loops in one cabinet, small land occupation, beautiful appearance, high protection level, safety, reliability and repair convenience. 

      GCK is a high-grade low voltage switchgear manufactured after overall type test. It meets provisions of state standard GB7251-2005 Low-voltage Switchgear, professional standard JB/T9661-1999 Low Voltage Drawer Type Switchgear and state standard IEC439.

Using environment:

1. Surrounding air temperature: ≥-5°C and ≤+40°C, average temperature in 24 hours: ≤+35°C;

2. Relative humidity: ≤50% at +40°C of highest temperature; high relative humidity might be allowed at low temperature, for example, 90% at +20°C;

3. Clean air without corrosive and explosive gas or conductive dust and dust that might damage the insulation; 

4. Occasions of apparent shaking and impact vibration. Vertical installation with gradient no larger than 5°;

5. Altitude: no higher than 2,000m;

6. The switch cabinet is suitable to be transported and stored at the following temperature: -25°C to +55°C, no higher than +70°C in a short period (no more than 214 hours);

7. The user should consult the manufacturer when the above conditions cannot be met. 


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